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The Royal Crest of the Kingdom of יהוה, (YAHWEH), is the globally recognized name, energy, and source of all wealth, power, and influence. It is the name of our family enterprise, and it symbolizes the return of peace and prosperity to the world.


Our Royal Crest can be researched through many intellectual and esoteric reference materials, written cross-cultural, and in many linguistic forms, with a unified message. Examples of research follow below:


יהוה (YAHWEH) is God’s Name as it is written in the Hebrew language. יהוה (YAHWEH) - the Covenant God of Israel, יהוה (YHWH),  in the original HEBREW. According to Jewish custom, because of reverence, the Divine Name was not to be spoken, so the Hebrew words for Lord and God were substituted. Whenever the words Lord and God appear in Large and small capital letters, the original Hebrew reads יהוה (YHWH).  (Reference: The Holy Bible, King James Version, © 1984, Thomas Nelson Publishers. Nashville, TN, pg. 763.


In many cases, [KJV, RSV] “The Lord” is a title of honor and majesty used in addressing God or a substitute for the special name יהוה (YAHWEH).


Reference: The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, © 1962, Vol. III, pg. 150, Abingdon Press.


In the earliest Hebrew, the Sacred Name appeared as a for letter word or Tetragrammaton יהוה (YHWH) without any vowel signs.


Reference: The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, © 1962, Vol. III, pg. 409, Abingdon Press.

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