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The Kingdom of YAHWEH is a global organization representing the embodiment of The Royal House of YAHWEH, the Monarchy of His Majesty, The Imperial King YAHWEH. We serve as freedom's global bridge to peace and prosperity for all nations to connect, network, and collaborate in fostering a better tomorrow for all people.


The Kingdom of YAHWEH, Inc. forms connections with all 192 countries which are member states of the United Nations, the 54 countries which are non-members, Independent Nation States, States, and other Dependencies. In other words, The Kingdom of YAHWEH encompasses every land and nation of the earth.


The Kingdom of YAHWEH represents the rebirth of hope. Thus, our organization presents the only solution to the world’s problems.  The Order of Influence commences with the knowledge of divine self-realization and continues further into the depths of esoteric understanding of the Divine. The message of the Kingdom of YAHWEH is to demonstrate love to every living person as one’s self, thus a critical stepping stone to precede bringing about The Global Solution.


The Kingdom of YAHWEH has the master plan to rid the world of homelessness and to bring insight to those that lack spiritual understanding of honor, respect, love, and self. We understand that every person is connected, related to ties of blood & soul under one fold.


With all good people united, all things are possible. Our motto is: "Together we stand, and together we will never fall." We are here to unite all good people of the world under one fold, built upon the foundation of absolute morality and unquestionable character.



The works of the Kingdom of YAHWEH  include:



Publishing the great name, YAHWEH

Global community redevelopment initiatives

The generation of direct global awareness to the needy and assistance the underprivileged population by offering goods and services

Representation of Global Peace Advocacy

Creation of Global Peace Networking Pools

Hosting of Peace Parades


And much more...

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